” What we call “postmodernism,” whether we refer to the sciences or the humanities, is a certain preoccupation with the role of the human observer in the composition and perception — perhaps even construction — of reality.”
~ To See More Clearly and Broadly: Science and the Postmodern Sentiment
This is the best, most concise explanation I’ve come across to explain postmodernism (I’ll have to read more of this online journal, Reconstruction to see if/how they distinguish this from poststructuralism).

The Body Observer Model sums up the “the terms of our collective postmodern endeavor. The only appreciable difference is on what scale the observer interacts; even then, as we can see in the following, the farther one moves up or down the scale of observation the closer one moves to the opposite scale in time. Thus, the observers of the smallest (quanta) and largest (Universe) are dealing with material originating in the Big Bang.”
What’s cool about this model, is how it illustrates the zone I’m trying to work – close in time, body, and observation: body natural – system is the microsocial interaction of a small group; body social – organ is the immediate social and historical context; body politic – tissue is the institutionalized macrosocial system and its ideologies. In fact, this is a summary of the layers/levels worked in group relations theory.
One component of group relations theory is object relations, which is in many ways too deterministic for me, and no doubt overpsychologized.

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