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According to Stephen, who I saw on campus yesterday (we’re both teaching winter session courses), we are one hot group! He praised our papers collectively and said it’s really time we share our work – not only with each other (but that’s a start), but with the world. Publish!
I think it’ll go easier if we do some kind of “support group” for/with each other…share our stuff, talk about it amongst ourselves, motivate – rewrites, submissions, etc. Who’s with me? My second “teaser” is included below…

Who are these people?
Before diving deeper into the more nuanced elements of the discourse, it may be time to situate the participants. There were eleven enrolled students in the course, eight from Communication and three from English. (One of the English students eventually dropped.) Six of these students had taken a course with the same professor the previous spring. Another student from the previous spring’s course had a schedule conflict, but often came for the last half-hour of class and was active in the weblog. One of the professor’s colleagues, another professor from the Communication Department with overlapping interests, occasionally sat in on the first half of our FTF class sessions. Finally, a graduate of the Communication Program (Dr.), also participated in the weblog and attended one class to present her ethnographic work on Town Meetings.
Nine of the members are women, six are men , including the professor. Two of the male students are from Eastern Europe (Hungary and Romania), the rest of the members are citizens of the U.S. The political standpoints represented ranged from the radical Left (the Green Party, progressives), through traditional liberal Democrats, to traditional

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