post-migrant Turkish-German Culture: Transnationalism, Translation, Politics of Representation
Dialogue on the Third Language: Germans, Turks and Their Future
Bastardized Language & Fear of Bilingualism

Interview with Zafer Senocak. Fascinating! so many ideas in this short interview, he ends with “counter-hermeneutics” = non-understanding. I like.
more on Zafer Senocak
German Titles, Turkish Names: The Cosmopolitan Will
Duvarlar Mauern Walls Here’s a video I’d like to see:
(USA/Germany/Turkey) 2000 83 min. Director/Producer: Can Candan; self-distributed. In Turkish, German, English w/English subtitles and narration. Courtesy of the filmmaker. (FilmFest will show a 45 min. excerpt.)
1991 marked the anniversary of Turkish immigration to Germany and

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