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i’m already in trouble. gulp!. Probably not really, but making language work accurately and precisely is going to be even more of a challenge in a context I don’t know so well. Tom advises (his words but the links are mine):
“I notice you write of “Turkish culture” – in case you’re not aware:
Turkey is / Turks are almost as diverse as Europe/ans, despite the Turkish
state’s efforts to forge a unitary culture. And a lot of the ‘Turks’ in
Europe are Kurds for a start, or Alevis (whom some call the ‘Blacks’ of
Islam) or from the many other minorities (and many in the UK are
Cypriots)… For an expert and activist I suggest the author of “Turkish
Speaking Communities and Education: No Delight” and other books – Aydin Mehmet Ali.”

I did come across a footnote that many of the individuals identified as Turkish citizens living in Germany are actually ethnic Kurds – and was aghast that this had been a) relegated to a footnote and b) otherwise elided in the literature. I wasn’t sure if it was just this one particular area in that study (which I need to find again), or if it was a dominant demographic and researchers were either “simplifying” or somehow had decided it just didn’t matter?! I know I need to become much more familiar with these distinctions.
Transnational Politics: Turks and Kurds in Germany
Arab Gateway: the Kurds
Ocalan. Not related but might come up in conversation and I should be versed. And a hunger strike in the mid-nineties.
Huh. This is about the people Uncle Sam is descended from! Germany: Ethnics, Kurds, and Construction.
Alevis: “the modern face of Islam” in Turkey

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