It’s a bad sign when the semester begins today and I’m already tired!
Actually, the break was a real break until the last week when deadlines got a bit tight. Oh well, so it goes. I’m working (mentally, anyway) on my response to Stephen, but need a chunk of time to write it when I’m not distracted.
Meanwhile, a tidbit on one of the books I actually read for pleasure:

Speaking Dreams by Severna Park. Given to me by one Elizabeth Siler (thanks!!).
It has two unique features, in my mind – its authentic depiction of deafness (!) and the power of dreaming. Otherwise, its not that new or different, however it was compelling in such a way that for days after I’d read it lingered in my memory – I kept thinking I’d get home to read some more. Perhaps it was the element of pure escapism that it afforded me, but I don’t think it could have had such an effect if it wasn’t downright well-conceived and written.

One thought on “maxxed”

  1. The funny thing is that I don’t remember deafness in the book at all! That aspect of the book had nothing to do with giving the book to Steph. Go figure. Glad it’s good,though…

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