hello, all.
i’m finally here, on-line, on your screen in typeface. i just got steph’s missive about needing us, and decided finally to respond. so here i am, signed on, ready to co-author even though barthes would have us all dead.
i’m wondering about my resistance to this, my computer, the blog, technology i don’t understand (or care too much about)… and am afraid that besides my ignorance (and consequent avoidance) it doesn’t feel kinetic to me, doesn’t feel dynamic in the ways i know and am comfortable working through. so please forgive me that i would prefer ritualized dance with the group instead of sending myself wireless, destination you.
camille once invited us to the movies online, so i’ll make a parallel leap, presenting in some fashion, the ‘self’. i just adopted a cat (dory) who is scared of the world. she’s hiding under my housemate’s bed at the moment (housemate is none the wiser in argentina). i made cookies (vegan oatmeal choc. chip) yesterday and the apartment still smells sweet. my brother’s old sweater (a gift from me when living in ireland, shrunk by my mother in the us) is usually too warm to wear even outside, but in here, today, it’s just right.
and if anybody wants to go see that life aquatic movie, let me know.
i’m signed on now, still interested in bringing on the matter with kansas and performances/critiques of radical jesus.
stay warm.

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