institutional history?

So very interesting developments. Did you all know that a similar attempt to nudge up enrollment figures occurred just long enough ago that its not in most current students’ memory? I think it would be cool if any involved parties wanted to share your recollections.

I heard speculation that it must be the Dean’s initiative, because Michael is too smart to make a move like this. Strikes me as a bit odd either way. That the Dean would want a direct confrontation with GEO, and that Michael didn’t consider the potential consequences.
btw, Michael, thanks for not responding to my last email (seriously!). I have two hypotheses: one is that you’re pissed as hell, the other is that my read was so far off there was no “room” for engagement. Probably your “real” reaction is somewhere in between, but not responding right away allowed some space to disengage that I realized I needed.
It’s hard to take on the powers that be!
Anyway, in case some of you are wondering, I do think we have a great department and I think there’s room for improvement. What concerns me is a discourse among faculty that since graduate students are only here for a short time (relatively speaking, from their point-of-view), so therefore discussions about culture/climate change are non-productive or even a waste of time. Actually, that latter point is definitely my interpretation of what I think they meant (by whatever it was they actually did they say). But I know for sure that at least two faculty members, maybe three, have said outright that a major reason things stay the same is because graduate students are only temporary inhabitants of the COM Dept.

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