food and fire

I really enjoyed this Indian film, Fire, with friends last night. (The running commentary was entertaining too, grin.) Afterwards we discussed the slower pacing at the beginning (which made it seem like a “bad movie” to one critic) as a means of introducing the loaded topic of lesbianism to a mainstream Indian audience. It got much better (!), but I also felt like the first kiss was not realistic at all.

Thinking about it on the way home (sorry for the wrong turn, Beth!), after I dropped off Kouchik, it occurred to me that there was no way ANY kiss was going to seem “natural” to a homophobic, unexposed audience, so the shock of it, and then the still slow ‘uptake’ of Rada (sp?) as she went through her own emotional adjustment might have been just the pacing and introduction necessay to bring an audience along through the whole story.
I think it was quite textured. Not only with questions of desire, but the conflict between traditional and more emancipated gender roles, and the integration of the Hindu epic of Ram and Sita with its symbolism of purification, testing, and loyalty to self and others seemed well done.
And did I mention how wonderful the “basic meal” was? We north americans are so easily impressed, eh? 🙂 I want to know where to get those cardamom balls. YUM!

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