Eurail Pass

had a hard time navigating the Eurail’s official webpage, so found a US seller.
I’m having a hard time finding a train or a flight from Strasbourg to Budapest. 🙁

Air France has roundtrips for 466.48 euros. I think that’s very expensive.
And then there’s the housing debacle. The EP books every room in the city so I can’t get a reservation anywhere in Strasbourg. 🙁 Here’s where I’d like to stay!
This hostel, Ciarus isn’t taking reservations for May yet. I’ll have to keep trying.
Found one! Hotel Lutetia. And its even walking distance to the EP! They won’t let me reserve the June dates though.
I got a hostel for the first 4 days in Berlin, then I’m gonna find something through Room with a Loo. 🙂

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