I haven’t been too good about keeping up my deal re Sam and letting you all know what’s up with him. Sorry.
He’s doing fine. A bit restless; really wants to get out. Is psyched about seeing Phanton of the Opera but it hasn’t come to Brattleboro yet. Would like to see The Aviator too.

We spent some time talking about “rocking the boat” – Sam said he usually wasn’t supported when he acted as a “spokesperson” for others. I kinda wonder about that, just because there are still so many people in his life! We talked about that too, how lucky he is that so many people care about him – he gets lots of visits from a load of different people. Bill McKim brought him a bunch of flowers; Debbie Kendrick just gave him an awesome B&W collage of Hollywood stars, mostly from Sam’s youth. (We could only put names to faces for a few, and we guessed a bunch more names but couldn’t attach them to any one in particular. I told Sam I’m such a bad COM major not to know that stuff!)
We also talked about teaching….Sam remembered lots of situations in which he had to face a stereotype he had about a certain “type” of person (motorcyclists, in particular) and the education he had to provide domestic students about being more welcoming to international students.
He asked how my trip to pick up David and Nora was (all the way to NYC!). He asks about David every time I go. 🙂 Otherwise we didn’t talk about anyone else…oh yes we did, Michael got “let go” from Eden Park. Sam tried to defend him but the staff wouldn’t let Sam’s editorial go to press in the nursing home’s newsletter. They asked for an alternative editorial so Sam wrote something about the administrators getting the plumb parking spots instead of visitors who are there to see the residents who are supposed to be “the priority”. (I’m making up what I think Sam said, I didn’t read the article and he didn’t tell me the points of his argument.) At any rate, the result is that administrators and staff are now parking in the further lot so the cushy parking spots are open for visitors. He’s such a radical! No wonder we get along. 🙂

2 thoughts on “delinquent”

  1. Good for the “radical”! Does Sam remember when he was back from graduation at Yankton, he and I were taking a walk. He said he really did not think he wanted to go into teaching….Clarence hit the roof! “What does he mean, he does not want to teach?” “He is going to teach”! As a result, Sam joined the Army. (Sound like Sam??)

  2. Ah yes, when I was visiting at Thanksgiving I was talking to some of the nurses about how easy going Sam was. They agreed except for when he “gets his dander up.” The example they gave was just the one you said Steph………..the article about the parking, and the resultant change!
    Say Sammy, I too have this issue about motorcycles. It seems that every man I’ve dated recently has this thing about loving their motorcycles. Larry A. scared the pee out of me one night in Boron. He took me on a ride on his “hot” cycle. Down the main drag we went, he popped a wheelie w/ me hanging on for dear life, then proceeded to go full-throtle thru the middle of town. We had no helmets back then, I was bare-foot and in shorts. Crashing would have equaled dead. Thus, back to men 50-60, I think it’s a phallic thing — potency and all that!! What do you think Sam?
    Hope you get to see the movies you have in mind. Wish I were there to take you. Love you bunches, Jennifer

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