taking in feedback

It’s been on my mind lately how hard it is to take in critical feedback.

I’m posting this now (even though its been on my minda while) because I sent the URL to the entry about the Ukraine interpreter to loads of people but only a few posted. Some of it may be shyness, but I wonder if my last comment rhetorically served to close down communication rather than open it up?
My students had to raise an issue three different times before I “got it”; one of my roomies had to re-state her case about 700x before I understood which part of my response was objectionable; and recent discussions in “A Place in Space” have me thinking about rhetoric’s potential as a feedback mechanism. Some combo of these events has elicited a memory of my daughter telling me once, probably when she was 4 or 5, that I “never let her win” an argument. Hmmmm.

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