Charles Taylor 1991, via Gerard Hauser 1999:
“The metaphor of moving together through conversational space can be sustained only if that space accommodates the appearance of the individual’s I as a source of contribution. The presence of the I, however, invites us to understand the space and the we it contains from our own stance. The conversational partners qua individuals, or relata, must not be subsumed by the relationship or the relationship itself is lost. Their separateness is mutually necessary for differentiation. The relata and relationship, the separate I’s and the we, are mutually constitutive of each other’s identity within the space they create through conversation. But the I must continually grasp the intersubjective meaning that is always and exclusively a part of the we. Although personal and intersubjective meanings are always matters of perspective, mutual understanding requires that these independent points of view be linked. The we perspective is jeopardized when discourse partners jointly cease to grasp their common space of norms.”

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