no psychology

I’ve been enjoying talking with my mom more and more. She says her brain is slow, but I think she’s figuring stuff out left and right, and facing it. Makes me feel optimistic about my own chances. 🙂

She was telling me how she got into my dad’s space too much, at least in the early parts of their marriage. She said, “Neither of us had any psychology, and neither did my parents. We never talked about anything important.”
Wow. I knew that (!), and have been dealing with it for years (or trying to, smile), but never really thought my folks would figure it out – too deeply ingrained, y’know?
She alluded to something from her childhood that she’d never realized affected her so much, but now recognizes how obviously it did. I’m intrigued. 🙂
AND ~ I just read Eve’s paper about me, the “class cultural narrative” we did, interviewing each other and trying to examine each other’s class trajectory through the lens of authors we read this fall and their theories. She did a nice job. 🙂 I especially like, “After the Nazarenes”. GREAT subtitle. 🙂 made me laugh right out loud (and I’m still grinning). 😉

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