I’m gonna need every minute of the 5 hours remaining until the deadline for Paula’s paper. I just went to snag the last of the holiday treats that have sustained me over the past several days (thanks Erin!!) and wondered how my compatriots are doing. Anyone placing bets on who’s gonna be the last one under the wire? 🙂 We could have claimed internet trouble, but then Paula sent that sly email out today – not about the deadline! Oh no, she’s too slick for that! Just a little “something” so we’d all know she’s “there.” 😉
My emergency remedy is to set my clock back an hour or two, then I can send it late but the time will still show before the deadline. Whaddaya think? %-0

3 thoughts on “absurdity”

  1. Well, I know one person who submitted an hour ahead of time, and someone else who didn’t think the paper was due until the 24th. (gulp!) Mine just went in. 12:33 am. LATE! 🙁 But its done. 🙂

  2. Well, I doubt THAT, seriously! 🙂 At least it was accepted as “on time”. Do you think maybe I should re-read it sooner or later? 😮 And what’s up with YOUR impending paper? Holiday? Did someone say….?!!

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