9-11 & transnationalism

Riva Kastoryano argues that the 9-11 attacks were pulled off by transnational actors in her piece, The Reach of Transnationalism.

I read this piece (above) right after reading the following blurb Joanna sent me on “problematic moments”:
“Dewey’s approach to inquiry is that questions about moral ends cannot be
separated from questions about means. Central place of ‘the problematic’ in
the initiation and conduct of an inquiry:
The Problematic:
Confusing, perplexing, disturbed, unsettled, indecisive; and by such nouns as
jars, hitches, breaks, blocks

2 thoughts on “9-11 & transnationalism”

  1. steph
    this is interesting to me..all the years i had acted as community advocate or system advocate, my efforts with getting a neighborhood revitalization grant were often futile.
    for the obvious reason, deaf taxpayers didnt belong to a neighborhood assoc anywhere…
    but i felt strongly that we are part of a process….and now the buzz word-transnationalism…
    thank you
    will wonders ever cease?

  2. John, you’re dang near psychic, I think! In addition to the blurb on “the problematic” that Joanna sent me, she shared that our favorite interpersonal communication theorist, John Stewart, had a deaf mother…and wrote a whole section in his book “Language as Articulate Contact: Toward a Post-Semiotic
    Philosophy of Communication (1995). Apparently, he was always interested in interpretation too! Funny, how things overlap and come together, eh? ­čÖé I should blog this separately, so its easier to find and I can add links…

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