social meanings of mullets

also known as a “Lady Bucks cut” (see the original comment). I don’t know if this site lives up to my friend’s claim of elucidating social meaning: they boil it down to aggressiveness. ­čÖü Most of the people at the following site do not exactly appear as prime, representative specimens of the human race. Is that the point? is male-centric.
Section 1 #9 must be me:
9. femullet (fem-mullet): there are many varieties of the femullet–and contrary to popular belief, not all femullets are dykemullets, but all dykemullets are definitely femullets. Here we see a powerdykemullet.
Mulletude: 8
Aggressiveness: 7
Hobbies: taking (adopted) mulletkids to the county fair, a game called “Bar Slut,” fixing motorcycles.
Sightings: on the arm of a fellow mullethead, Noe Valley.
Favorite Bands: Indigo Girls.
Section 3 #26 features a redrobinmullet. Section 6, #54 features two so-called “proles” (the uncomplementary labeling is commonplace). Section 8, #74, the “atomicfemullet.” Section 9, #87, the granmullet. Section 10, #92, Cuzin’ Betty and #94, chubbyfemullet.
partiallybleachedfem-perm-frolet is the proposed name for a style found on four women in Section 10 at the end of a discussion that starts at #96. then there’s #99, the superannuated seductress.
9 of 100 mullets pictured here are on women’s bodies. Minorityville it is!

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