“Revenge of the Homeschoolers”

In addition to grousing about the election results, there was a fair amount of humor in class last night. (And I like it that now I’m being directed what to record for the blog!) 🙂
Donna was on a roll with witty characterizations and good humor. The joke that won the day had to do with her desire to see “an Orthodox Jewish player in Hasidic clothing who wins the game and then says to the media, ‘Oy, I am so glad I dahvened (prayed) before the game! And now that we won, thank G-d, I am gonna go out and buy everybody bagels and lox!'”

She also shared with us some of the inspiration she tried to convey to her students who were crushed by an electoral defeat in their first election: “in the Jewish tradition, we are supposed to do a mitzvah every day– it’s usually translated as a “good deed” but it refers to doing some positive thing to make the world better in some way. However, doing a mitzvah is not contingent on getting a particular result. You don’t just do it for the result, in other words– you do it because it’s the right thing to do. So, for those who voted and their candidate lost, that doesn’t mean voting was wrong– sometimes, even when we do the right thing, we don’t get the result we would have liked. But it’s a mitzvah to make the effort. As it says in the Talmud (the commentaries on the Hebrew Bible), you are not expected to complete the task, but neither are you expected to walk away from it. So maybe we can’t make the world more tolerant or more peaceful, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.”

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