implicit vs explicit classism

Well, I’m going to use the rant against the south as my explicit text, am still looking for an implicit one. Meanwhile, some blogs that discuss and may be of future/further interest:
the liberal reality-based avenger” who is based in China.
StumbleUpon, a community tool that acts as a search engine of sites recommended by “friends and peers” and perhaps not accessible via Google. Hmmm!

One possiblity for implicit classism is the merchandise featured by
I wanted to check out we’ but their site doesn’t seem to be up today. The StumbleUpon folk had some responses to it…
And here’s an amazing forum, The Democratic Underground. This is one to add to the blogpage, methinks. (Whenever I get around to actually updating it…..which translates partially into when Ben-oh-Ben can squeeze me in!)

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