I’m not the only one!

I had two anecdotes shared with me today about mullets – one about the Lady Buckeyes who all shared the same hairstyle (!) and another one from a student whose….cousin?….has a haircut “exactly” like mine but “doesn’t have a gay bone in her body”. 🙂
It’s encouraging that there actually ARE other women out there with this haircut. Tina had mentioned that she normally thinks of men having this kind of haircut, and I’d replied that I think that’s part of the reaction people have, that it is a haircut that seems to be associated with men.
And, as both my “informants” (!) today shared, it isn’t necessarily a sign of any particular sexual orientation. Gosh. You mean there’s actually variety?

3 thoughts on “I’m not the only one!”

  1. In terms of mullets: I once had one too, in my more baby-feminist mid-80s moment (I’ll show you pictures sometime!). While at Ohio State, all the Lady Bucks (women’s basketball team) had mullets, so the haircut was often referred to as a “Lady Bucks cut.” Also if you really want to ponder the social meaningof mullets and the humor/satire/painful critique made towards the haircut, check out: http://www.mulletsgalore.com

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