half a cohort

50% of us showed up today, although there have always only been 7 in our face-to-face social gatherings. Two miscreants said they’d come and didn’t (for shame!) and one has apparently abandoned us forever. (Hell no I ain’t gonna let it go!) ­čśë
All I can say is, Todd for President!! Not only did he perform an inspirational counter-Bush rhetoric and proclaim moderate Republicans as his new heroes, he used his old money to treat us all to breakfast! Buy my influence anytime dude, anytime! ­čÖé
Mostly we just caught up on news, although there was ONE bit of gossip about someone who has a new boyfriend. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Hey! No one told ME it was a deep dark secret! The only other secret is that Todd has forgotten how to be a grad student. Fatherhood has gone to his head. He spent some time in the library impersonating other students, trying to get into the swing of things.

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