global protests vs Bush

At least someone is protesting somewhere. Thousands of someones, facing their own government’s attempt to repress them (sound like the US? What *will*happen at the inauguration? Will protest be visible?)
Chileans mobilize. “We’re not bomb throwers,” she said. “We want to confront
APEC, but only in the realm of ideas and paradigms.”
~ passed on by Ximena to the social justice listserv.

Thousands Demonstrate Against Bush in Santiago
November 20, 2004
SANTIAGO, Chile, Nov. 19 – Using tear gas and water
cannons, riot police officers dispersed hundreds of
rock-throwing protesters on Friday after thousands of
people had gathered peacefully to demonstrate against the
presence of President Bush at a weekend summit meeting
Mr. Bush, in his first trip abroad since his re-election,
is one of 21 world leaders scheduled to attend the annual
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference, being held
here for the first time. The group, known as APEC, aims to
encourage economic growth and trade among member nations,
who account for more than half of the world’s economy. The
Chilean government has trumpeted the decision to hold the
meeting here as an indication that this country of 15
million has achieved elite status.
Protest organizers said 30,000 people took part in the late
morning march, which followed a convoluted route through
downtown streets, far from the actual site of the
conference in a remote convention center surrounded by a
mountain range. The police refused to offer an estimate,
and local radio stations put the number of marchers at
about 15,000.
The protesters, a combination of graying veterans of the
Allende era, mixed with younger environmental advocates,
Indian groups, punks, goths and anarchists, said APEC
fostered economic inequality, and they criticized Mr. Bush
for the war in Iraq. They carried placards and banners
portraying Mr. Bush as a vampire, carrion-eating vulture,
demon and ghost, as well as Cuban flags and a large Iraqi
flag with the exhortation, “Hang on, Falluja!”
“We want Bush to know that he is not welcome here,” said

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