Haven’t been able to access my site for t he past 36 hours or so. Finally this morning it went through – a problem with my ISP, apparently, but I had friends teasing me about the FBI confiscating my hard drive. I could only wish to be so influential a target! 🙂

Been sick the past 3 days too…hit me Sunday night. It may be emotional fatigue, as I don’t have any “real” physical symptoms, except exhaustion. I think I’ve been really “out there” for a consistently long period of time now – re-framing my relations with the FP, trying to allow the emotional space my (our) daughter needs to do her own emotional work, putting my pedagogy on the line with my students (who continue to amaze me, smile), and trying to address dynamics as they arise in other classes and settings. Overextended? Perhaps.
I feel better right now although I slept poorly last night. Hopefully the last two days of taking it much easier than usual will be enough to stave off something more debilitating.

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