election day visit

Sam was just wrapping up a newsletter meeting when I arrived today. The new issue has a quote in it from George Eliot that I really like:
“It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”

Not that becoming your potential necessarily changes what’s past …. anyway … Sam and I are a bit anxious about the elections (I’m sure that’s not true for any of you, is it? smile). Nona, Sam grinned when I read him your email (“I believe Sam and I are on opposite sides of the fence re garding politics. . . .America!”) and said, “yeah.” He told me he’s seen more of Bush in the last week than in the last four years, mostly because he’d made deliberate choices NOT to see him before. Btw, if you haven’t poked around the blog, you might have missed one of my friend’s electoral college predictions. Feel free to join in (comment) on that discussion if you’d like! Does it seem weird to anyone else that for the first time there are international observers at an election in the U.S.? I have to say, I do not mind at all that people have different opinions about who’s the best/right person to be president, but it bothers me a lot that the act of casting a ballot has become such a contested territory. I don’t want to live in a system where the courts decide who wins or loses. 🙁
Meanwhile, we got on with reading everyone’s mail. I’ve seen Sam a few times but hadn’t been able to get him caught up on correspondence since late September! Going all the way back to September 22, Sam taught me how to pronounce Abhaya, who visited with Karen Blanchard, was glad to have seen Phil & Lorraine when neither of you were down with a cold, wondered what Debbie meant about the new students “not being as out there” as former students, and smiled throughout Cheryl’s accounting of her Nez Perce research. Sam didn’t know what GPS stands for; and neither of us has any idea how that works. Cheryl, I am very interested in what you’re doing! Growing up in Denver I was weaned on stories of American Indian resistance. And, being a grad student and aspiring researcher myself, I’m very curious what your lens/approach is…would you share? Jean, you had Sam laughing out loud with your characterization of Barney. 🙂 He *loved* that after it all (pee, poop, farts), you said, “but still…” !! That was the hardest, longest laugh of the day. 🙂 Sam couldn’t place Jamie – who is she?
He did like the jokes from Paul and Karen, especially the one about the Republicans switching their emblem (in the comment). And Jennifer, I got the package of jokes that you’d sent Sam for Mary Lung to read to him. He liked them, of course. 🙂 Speaking of jokes, WHO sent Sam the card with the flowers on the organ? I didn’t peek inside, but it cracked me up! I was on my way out, late, so didn’t ask Sam. I’ll investigate next time if no one confesses. 😉
Pat, the “what to read” joke (“Titanic” or “My Life” by Bill Clinton) got a few chuckles. And the Bush doll – “on fire” – is great! Sam showed it to me almost as soon as I arrived. He’s got it hanging up in the window. Ruth, the Rooney monologue about women over 30 was also a hit. Sam said, “I remember her.” I said, “She remembers you too.” He grinned.
On the more newsy side of things, Sam is thrilled that Jennifer is coming Nov 22-26, told me Jean used to live upstairs from him in the house. He couldn’t remember John’s last name…gave one of his “Sam shrugs”, as if to say, “oh well!” 🙂 Dunno if any of us will go see Keri Noble on December 1 at the Iron Horse, but you never know. (Give us an update, if anyone does go, eh?). Has Sam heard her music? Or Billy McLaughlin’s? He didn’t recognize his name either. Finally, the administrator of Eden Park, David Selover, has moved on. I asked Sam if this was “good or bad news”. He said, “it depends on the girl they replaced him with, Colleen.” So far, no word on her performance.
Well, Nona, back to you and some family tidbits. Sam showed me two pictures of his brother Clarence, as an adult with all the siblings, and as a young ‘un…I said he looked pretty tough. Sam said, “He was tough.” You said he died 22 years ago (Dec 12)…I’m thinking…that was after my family had moved away from Denver. There were several years that the only time we’d get to Sam was when he snuck in a visit to us on the way to a family event with all of you – usually a funeral. Time goes by, doesn’t it?
Sam agreed that Marie is a happy person, and we were discussing whether Cody had joined the Marines because of 9/11 or if he was already on that path? Sam was pretty sure that Cody wasn’t enlisted at the time of that attack.
Whew! That’s a lot of news we covered in about 45 minutes! Do keep in touch, ok?

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