don’t tell Hunju

that I almost drank her contact lenses this morning! Actually, I did. 🙁 Luckily, I felt one of them hit my lip and was able to retrieve the other one from the sink where I had dumped the remnants of (what I thought was) the water I had last night before Hunju returned from her presentation prep.
THEN, Raz, ever the gentleman, offered to set his phone alarm instead of me using a wake up call. Fine. Except the turd got me up at 5:30 instead of 6:30! Of course I didn’t realize this until I’d already been up for an hour. Retribution for the “aberration” is forthcoming!

Yeah, I called Raz an aberration last night cuz he’s a non-smoker from a smoking nation. That was while we were at dinner in our private cul-de-sac at a yummy and reasonably priced Italian restaurant. Our wide-ranging conversation included the tidbit that UMass’s COM dept is typically underdressed for this event. Kirsten had shared this with me earlier, and Max was our case-in-point, presenting in a short-sleeve polo shirt emblazoned with a company logo. 🙂
I will win the prize today in my peace-out long-sleeved t…but I’m not “on” today in any capacity besides myself!
Did I mention how calm, cool, and collected Bryan and Matt were during their presentation yesterday? Their time was whacked in half without warning and they were interrupted at least three times. It was painful from my vantage point. 🙁 The guys held up well though and seemed successful overall since during the Q&A as they garnered plenty of attention.
Raz sailed through his presentation and his panel overall was smooth as silk by comparison. Leda bopped by our promotional table for a brief moment in between her multiple presentations; I was running off to the guys’ presentations so didn’t chat – but I did notice the happy glow; she’s in her element. 🙂
I learned a lot from Kirsten during our promo-stint. For instance, I personally haven’t experienced a load of encouragement for taking out of dept courses (beyond those that are required) although no one has stopped me from doing so. But comparatively, Kirsten says most COM depts don’t even have a requirement for out-of-dept courses (we require 6 credits) so actually we’re awesome. Who knew?!! Lot of grads from other schools are here with all expenses paid, so that’s a rub, but otherwise, we do genuinely feel good about the department and hopefully they came off. Of course, before Kirsten got there it was me and Raz – probably NOT the most stellar first-impression-type folk to represent us, do ya think? He looks like a terrorist and my research has just revealed the extent of the adverse impression my hairstyle generates….oh my.

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