“The inside and the outside world function as highly open Systems that have intense transactional relationships. The self, as a highly contextual phenomenon, is bound to cultural and institutional constraints. Dominance relations are not only present in the outside world but, by the intensive transactions between the two, organize also the inside world . . . the possible array of imaginal positions becomes not only organized but also restricted by the process of institutionalization . . . some positions are strongly developed, whereas others are suppressed or even disassociated.”
~ Mikhail Bakhtin. Applied in this review of Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms. The first paragraph sums up how I’m feeling:

“…the courageous who commit themselves to playing life’s risky games, such as loving wholly, will inevitably lose to the great opponent and inevitable victor, death.”
~ David Crowe
And what a Freudian slip! I originally mistyped “lost” instead of “lose.” 🙁

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