Weeeeeeell, here we are at NCA. After an uneventful flight and a loooong van ride to the hotel out in the boondocks where the wisest of the wise found a “reasonable” rate, I was disappointed that threats of “accidental petting” or even “drooling” didn’t occur while sharing a bed last night with the questionable character who shadowed me in to the hotel.
The windy city it is. While our peers present away…Lori yesterday (long before we arrived), Matt & Bryan today (competing with Raz, who I’m already committed to go see, darn), and rumor has it Olga and Lynn are also presenting at that time. Double darn! I think the department *ought* to produce and share a list of not only current students but also alumni who are presenting. Maybe it’s my penchant for “groupness”. (Don’t GROAN!) ­čÖé What about a little COM Dept spirit? It won’t be long before we might only see each other at conferences like this….

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