an aquarium of cultural capital

Heavens to Betsy but did we have a genuine Problematic Moment tonight! It was great. 🙂 Nothing like junk poetry, wine, and a bunch of grad students carrying on about the meaning of it all. 🙂

For half the night I thought I was watching a remake of Six Degees of Separation but I was corrected that the movie I had in mind, starring Sydney Poitier, was Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.
There was impassioned talk between this flick and the next one, but let me tell ya, it was just a warm-up to the end of the evening all out squirt spree!
Then there was Born Rich which was disturbing in its own way about the rarifed subjectivities of rich kids and their various strategies for coping with unearned wealth.
This squirt thing really got going though. It’s all biochemical. Red, blue, ironic, sexist, WHATEVER! Let the squirts begin! Indeed, we had a genuine Problematic Moment with three people bursting out simultaneously. The goddess only knows what any of them said, but it was one of the clearest examples of a din I’ve come across yet. I couldn’t, even in the moment, recall the statement that elicited the outburst (I think it had actually been building for awhile, smile), but the overall content had to do with evaluations of taste and hierarchy and whether or not The Daily Show’s irony might (occasionally) perpetuate sexism. It *may* have been a collision of competing gender discourses, or it might have been the emergence of a counter class discourse (challening that notion that aesthetic distance is a necessarily more engaged and therefore better achievement of human capability than a mere embodied aesthetic. At least, this is what the argument boiled down to from my point-of-view! 🙂
Anyway, the Frontier pizza was yummy, the company tremendous, and the debate stimulating. All the best components of a fun evening. I even enjoyed the comparison of anal orderliness between partners and particularly the confidence with which folks asserted their perspectives while still validating the Other….there was definitely a tension of identification at play – we’re all intellectuals, no doubt, but of what type? And can we accomplish our work despite – or because of – our differences? And here we morph (as we did throughout the evening) into the political.

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