almost over…

Raz and I head out in about an hour; we’ll squeeze in Iris’ presentation and then catch the shuttle. After the debacle on the subway last night (!) we decided to play it safe and let a Chicagoan navigate for us. 🙂
Despite being mislead by our erstwhile guide (ahem), we arrived at an Ethiopian restaurant way way way up on the north side and had an absolutely delicious meal. I was able to waylay a new “victim” to listen to me carry on about problematic moments – grin – and much laughter was shared by all. Not to mention a bit of department gossip – gasp!

My presentation came off okay, I think. It was a great panel overall. I hope to get everyone’s papers; they were extraordinary. I have no paper, as mine is still an experiment in process. Not much theoretical substance yet, but lots of laughter. 😉 Kirsten, Max, and Raz came and made faces at me. That was good.

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