Sam was awafully cozy with me yesterday. 🙂 A bit more touchy than usual (with me, anyway). It was quite sweet and made me feel good.
Paul showed up about 5 minutes after I had arrived and regaled us with stories about seasickness (Karen’s success with a patch, Bob’s fishing expedition in which he alternated catching fish with puking – poor guy!). The impetus for these stories was the patch Sam’s wearing behind his ear – which he told me about before and now I’m a bit unclear about but I think it was for dizziness. (If someone knows please say so, and don’t hesitate to correct me if I’m wrong!)

Sam bragged about the chicken dinner that Tom and Lou had brought him the night before (Monday). He loves special treatment! I brought him a small hazelnut coffee from dunkin donuts and – once it cooled off, about half-an-hour – he sucked it down. I’d been bringing him larges before and then he’d said if it was midday to make it a small – but it is obviously Not Enough! Back to the biggies it will be!
He’s looking forward to Jennifer’s arrival on the 22nd, and told me “[The BM] is the luckiest kid in the world.” Gosh. It’s feels awfully good to get that kind of validation from somebody who knows and loves us all.
We spent time going over an old letter from Edith (a year ago) about the Achziger family tree. Both Edith and Sam were surprised to learn that the first baby in the family, Howard, had been stillborn. He showed me pictures of the brothers, again, and clarified that Phyllis was Herman’s wife, and Agnes was Ryan’s. I can’t recall which niece (?) it is who’s doing the genealogy, but Edith was bemoaning the fact that they hadn’t asked enough questions when the folks and grandfolks were alive. There’s some confusion about which of the many Achzigers they knew growing up were actually related to them and which not.
We only commiserated a little bit about the election results, but Sam did have a copy of the faux Time cover with a picture of Bush and the saying….well, its not very polite, but it certainly expresses many people’s sentiments quite bluntly. sigh. I’m less worried that we -a mong Sam’s friends – voted differently than I am that we don’t seem able to talk with each other across the lines. 🙁
Sam had some tests done for his swallowing reflexes and we’re both confused by the medicalese in the report….I’ve gotta do some research into a “bolus” and “valleculae”. Overall, it says there has been “improvement”, so I guess whatever the heck it actually means, its getting better rather than worse.
Hugs to all! Let us know how you’re holding up. And, Nona, your son is on my mind everday. Have you heard from him? Godspeed.

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