a hockey symbol

So, Benjamin sees me today and asks, Do you call your hairstyle a mullet? I say, other people do, so I kinda go along with it. He said he’d just learned about it as a hockey symbol, that the Montreal Canadians all, at one time, had this short-on-the-top, long-in-the-back look. He said a few other things too which I hope he’ll clarify here as I was rushing to teach and wasn’t able to absorb everything in that moment….

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  1. It wasn’t the Montreal Canadiens, it was any(?), many(?) hockey players and fans. I think it might have been more common in the past, because I’ve been told there was a hockey sportscaster who wore one until recently, and it had become a bit of a joke.

  2. Oh shooooooooot! After you posted this and we talked, you mentioned something you’d forgotten to add…and now I’ve forgotten too! Drats.
    But we did talk about the upcoming Mullet night, and I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it before! How bizarre. I drove past the marquee Friday night and saw the neon lights advertizing it, then you brought it up. 1000 mullet wigs….I can hardly imagine!

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