widening the circle

I’m working on an intrapersonal hypothesis (more on that later, just don’t want to forget).
I saw one of my former COM250 students on Wednesday, Liz. She’s doing well, asked how I was and how this semester’s class is going. ­čÖé It is So Much Better because of the feedback her class gave me! I’d also seen one of those students a couple times early in the semester, Gina. Who was also doing well then, and I assume since. (I hope!) Liz suggested that maybe one of the reasons last semester didn’t go as well as I’d hoped was “because of everything [I] had going on.” There is no doubt in my mind that there is a correlation – all aspects of our lives interact to some extent with the other aspects – if only in the way we generate and maintain boundaries between them.

So, it’s been … not fully amusing (although I aspire to find humor), but coincidentally relevant (in my mind) that the student presentation in my class today was on judgment.
Anyway, I was mulling the recent confluence of events as I read Irigaray and worked out at the gym. And I had one of those “brainstorms” about fostering relationship and awareness of interconnectedness. What if I put the two groups of students from last semester and this “together”? Another insane risk? This semester’s class is on the verge of the “storming” phase of group development (but we aren’t talking about that at all, just staying focused on interpersonal communication). Facilitating a connection with last semester’s students (who had varying experiences of the storming in our class – which was openly named and a deliberate object of study), risks an “apples” and “lima beans” conflagration. Of course, none of last spring’s students may have the time nor the inclination to so engage…which is fine. And none of this fall’s students may wish to have the additional input. Does making the invitation, producing the opportunity, constitute a kind of pressure in and of itself? Since its “me” – the instructor (social role!) – doing it?

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