theorizing democracy

~ from Camille’s email in response to Stephen’s challenge:
“Can’t a differend be how
the central dems try and erase the differences between progressive dems and/or
greens from dems. What do people think about the tactic by dems to keep Nader
off the ballot (and I want to mention that many greens support that as well.)
((I understand that these aren’t the differends that she is talking about but
my argument would be that in addition to the racialized and sexualized body, I
would argue for a green differend.))
Also as a structural reform for democracy I believe we need a third party. I of
course believe it should be a green party since many peace, green & anti-
capitalist voices aren’t represented with the current dems and repubs.
Bryan are you and if so why are you against a third party and/or what about
representation by third party candidates?”

2 thoughts on “theorizing democracy”

  1. I don’t mind but I’m feeling a little bad about my post. Here Ziarek is talking about race, class, sexuality and gender and I’ve taken it in a different direction so I don’t mind if my post is ignored altogther!
    Also, my third party comment doesn’t really fit here, it was in reference to something Bryan said earlier which I can’t remember where it is!

  2. I want to rephrase my post and argue that the politics of the Green-Rainbows is a blend of the two ethics that Ziarek advocates blending:
    (1) the ethos of becoming, which emphasizes the subject’s freedom to imagine new ways of being; and (2) the ethos of alterity, which emphasizes the subject’s responsibility to the Other.

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