the fun stuff

We actually had a very focused and serious discussion in DRP last week, reminiscent of a class with Briankle. 😉 However, Joanna was plagued by a fly for most of the session, Donna brough donuts – we agreed to save the only plain one for Bryan – who Stephen surmised did not have a crisis at work but either a) simply didn’t want to miss Game 2 (Congrats, by the way, for winning the playoffs!) of b) was afraid of radical feminism. Stephen complained about having to work with “any moron who walks through the door” and Scott played spin-the-bottle to identify the moron in the class. Later, Scott was pegged as “a fertile void.” Leda (in all seriousness) confided “the question of [her] life”: how one can reconcile the interaction aspect of communication (in making meaning, enacting democracy) with attempts at creativity ~ because when one is creative people often react as if you’re a freak. Or, I’d modify, have the plague. Makes me wonder about forms of xenophobia…

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