Sreela accused ME of not returning the Star Wars dvd….how did she know that is one of my favorite flicks? The one I saw more times than any other, ever, in the theatre (six times). However, it WASN’T me that didn’t return the dvd and I hope the real culprit will confess and clear my name….

2 thoughts on “STAR WARS”

  1. Gng… it was me… I am a huge fan too, and wanted to acquaint Nora with my favorite EVER movie character, the enigmatic, reflective, and deeply emotional Chewbacca.

  2. Chewy is pretty awesome, I agree. But I have to say that Han Solo was my fav – does that reveal more about me than I wish to admit? Grin….mixed-up, a rogue, and in love with the princess….hmmmmmmmmmm!

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