speaking of parties…

“I’m so tired of American parties where everyone comes for dinner, has a few polite drinks, and goes home by 11.” I know the author of this statement was one of the two remaining guests when I left Raz and Catalin’s party at 3 am this past Saturday night. Too bad Leda wasn’t there, then maybe I wouldn’t have been the last American…!
Most of the dancing had concluded by the time I arrived after my interpreting gig, and within a half-hour the guests started to leave. (Hmmmm…….!)
I did get several dances in, though, including lessons in….what were those dances again? The Punjabi music was pretty much fun, as was the interethnic (?) squabbling. 😉 I was also severely challenged for not knowing who Dave Chapelle is: “What’s wrong with you white people?”
“I don’t know, bitch!” (A word Chapelle has – apparently – made famous (?) by imitation. Who actually says it? Does it matter? I don’t know who he is either!)

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  1. Now, if someone reads this, and asks me who was there….that’d be just the usual chit-chat, right? 😉

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