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Today’s google search:
A media and communication research textbook using a more generalized application of the term. James and my sense is restricted to linguistic/discursive communication. Most of our examples have been face-to-face, although I’ve got at least one from online CMC (computer-mediated communication).
An historical example? William Bradford’s Of Plymouth Plantation, reviewed by Phillip Gould, who notes how Bradford situates tensions in the historical denoument (?) of Puritanism as “problematic moments in interpreting providence“. This might qualify as an historical example, however I don’t know if he provides specifically situated instances of actual dialogic interaction.
Maya Gotz counterposes “problematic moments” with “positive” ones in children’s media programming. This is definitely counter to our conception, where there is both “positive” and “negative” potential in a PM….positive implying recognition of the presence of two or more discourses and an attempt to deal with them, negative implying dialogic repression and the repeat of historical patterns.

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