It occurs to me that I have never, ever, really paid attention to gender dynamics very much. Seems like such a het thing. I know I’ve been paid less than men for some work (asst. mgr. Taco Bell), but the same for other work (cable tv, interpreting, teaching)….and the discrimination that has affected me directly has always been a variant of homophobia. Anyway, I think I’m starting to see more of it around me, and wondering about what my historically subjective disengagement “means” in terms of contributions to its continuation…

Anyway, this article on the masculinization of the presidency came across the social justice listserv from Leah Wing. It reminds me of the time James and I went to see Starship Troopers, which portrays women soldiers and a range of other forms of “equality”, but what it really shows, is women who’ve become like men, with men unaltered.
So, along with this, I heard a story about some of the new cohorters who showed up in class one day wearing tiaras and proclaiming (according to the stereotypes) that all grrls can do is look pretty (or something to that effect). The sarcasm is a bit deep, eh? I wondered if it was a comment on some perceived imbalance in the department.

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