~ from ros to the air-l listserv:
PoliticsMatters is a collective blog launching October 5th on PoliticaOnline.it
The approaching US elections seem to promise a new push for political
attention and participation as an affirmative answer to a polarized
ideological battle. Not only because of its worldwide effects and high
stakes, but also due to a resurgence of grassroots activism using new
collaborative technologies.”

“It is therefore important to monitor these elections not only in their
general aspects of campaign and news media coverage, but particularly to
explore the different layers of “latent” communication working at the
intersection of politics, technology, culture, business and International
Mostly aimed at the Italian public, our monitoring project
(“PoliticsMatters”) will provide daily analysis, commentaries and reports
by researchers from the Social and Political Sciences fields as well as by
journalists, bloggers and citizens. Our team will take a close look at
media outlets and other sources worldwide, while also exchanging stories
with similar web-projects.
With its open-end and cross-discipline approach, “PoliticsMatters” aims to
go beyond the (often misleading) breaking news and reports of Big Media, in
order to build a collective ‘blog-lab’ as a new tool for expressing and
debating today’s political culture issues.
PoliticsMatters: Starting October 5th at

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