messing with Briankle

So, I gotta catch up with this dude to have him sign my POS (graduate plan of study; the one I was “supposed” to fill out about 2 years ago, grin).
Meanwhile, I’ve been hearing the “usual stories” about his teaching style. I got a bit passionate about it last night, cuz Briankle has been a bit of a puzzle to me all along (of course, he cultivates that, actively!) My current hypothesis is that he’s living his theory. Maybe it’s just my projection, but here’s how it might work:

Briankle is a deconstructionist, and he believes that no one ever really understands the other fully. Actually, Vernon has said things along these lines too, such that some couples’ misunderstandings of each other are actually functional for their relationship! 🙂 WHAT IF Briankle is showing up in 611, ready to go where the energy is, and no one is meeting him? Why should he do all the labor of getting folks to engage with the material? How does he know where anyone is with their thinking and conceptualizations of communication theories and practice?
When he does get jazzed – what’s it about? Who joins him? Of course its entertaining to watch him scribble on the chalkboard and tabletops, and to witness his glee when he’s on a roll with some stream-of-consciousness “tangent”. Maybe it isn’t as much of a “tangent” as folks think it is? There is this whole “level” business. I’ve just had a few revelations of my own about some of the analytical, conceptual, meta-levels of academic discourse I’ve been missing the past two years. 🙂 Geez, obviously I’m nowhere NEAR my limits on lessons in humility!
Anyway, I’m banking that if I’m prepared and assertive, Briankle isn’t going to hang me out to dry during comps and leave me lying on the floor at my defense. Hmmm….maybe I’m trying to “test” my hypothesis via the new cohort? I wouldn’t dream of doing something like that! (Although I might figure it out in retrospect….)

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