“Expectorate on the road and…”

Despite a few crude metaphors (!) and a gruesome story or two, I had a wonderfully relaxing evening with friends and great comfort food. The setting and company was so mellow and comfy I turned into a bit of a sleep-deprived chatterbox, just on the verge of being downright goofy. I needed that! Conversation was varied, unpressured, spontaneous….lots of laughter. I even got a warm fuzzy hearing about and watching the enactment of a happy relationship. It is possible! I’ve had a few sturdy pals throughout the ordeal of the last half-year but there was a quality of …. warmth?… that nurtured my soul.
Ummm hmmm! We did end up on the topic of pain….physical, mostly. I think it must have been triggered by the cramp I got in my hamstring. First one ever – am I getting older or what?! Note to self: do not neglect to do post-lifting stretches!
Besdies two entrees, there were three (count ’em, 1, 2 3!) desserts! Of course, I’m not going to divulge any details about the whipped cream…

One thought on ““Expectorate on the road and…””

  1. I missed it. I missed it because I decided to be high-minded and work on my dissertation. I could have used some of that warmth because I was feeling pretty warm that night myself. Anyway, next time I won’t miss the warmth, though discussions about pain are optional.

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