Dia de Todos de los Santos

Bonded w Fernando over chicken. He yanked me around a few times – I think I figured ’em all out by the end’ Of course, he HAD to say something about me being serious all the time (!?) and PESSIMISTIC! Can you believe he called me pessimistic? The scoundrel. I said, Everytime “Everytime you try to do something new, you make a mistake.” (Maybe that’s just me?) ๐Ÿ™‚ But I do Keep Trying. Doesn’t that make me ultimately optimistic?

Lucas is great.
Our chefs! Mama mia! It could be that the best part of the whole event was the long afternoon of cooking and talking. Taste-testing was especially enjoyable, but really, it was the company, the atmosphere, the event. ๐Ÿ™‚ Arturo wins the prize for saying the nicest thing to me all evening: We were getting the margarita’s ready and I was smashing the ice apart in the sink. “Remind me not to make you upset,” he teased. “Didn’t you know that about me already?” I retorted. “I know you are a gentle person.” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ๐Ÿ™‚
Actually, Lori told me she loved me and had me twirl her around the kitchen. She left soon afterwards though…hmmm! I’ve been trying to decide how to describe her costume. A vixen, I think. Erin might have been a fairy ‘ uh oh, I didn’t check my perceptions :-/ so lord only knows what havoc I’ll wreak’! Brett came as himself, although definitely styling. Sreela, the elegant witch, arrived Quite Late after a bout of being lost in the woods with Pyro (with his flashing devil’s horns and boy scout duds) and Lilly. There was this moment at the end of the party when Chris demonstrated what a gentleman he really is: I had mentioned that my pumpkin had not received a single vote. He tried; but with a 50/50 chance he thought Jose’s pirate was pretty darn cool. (It is!)
Sarbjeet won the pumpkin contest with the vast majority of the cast ballots (12). Four were cast for Jose’s, one “‘cuz everyone knows pirates are kewl.” Fernando received two votes in absentia; I think the competition may have turned out much more tightly if we hadn’t lost Fernando’s and Mike’s. They were both pretty awesome. Then there was a lone vote for Nader’
Sarbjeet also won one of the doorprizes, along with Andrea and Kathleen (both of whom managed to leave their prizes here, hmmph!). That Tupperware was thoroughly sterilized from their respective biology experiments last summer; I swear!
David and Nora were among the first to leave – the newly married life. What can one say? ๐Ÿ™‚ Kennaria boogied right on out of here without even warning me that she wasn’t gonna hang around. The Nerve! Raz, an Indian God, and Cleopatra arrived fashionably late and promptly wedged their car in the culvert. What’s a party without a tow truck? All those macho-men couldn’t push that car out. Tsk tsk. Art, however, was in full glory with his cigar and painted mustache – he enjoyed himself <>this time, I’m sure! Never saw him out of role, not even when he was doing his best to save the day. ๐Ÿ™‚ Andrea was sparkly in her devil’s gear, although she missed Ingrid’s earlier blue deva outfit. I have to say, for sheer detail and extravagance, Ingrid and Mary Jo went out of their way to do costume!
But wait! Eve the Vampire and Kathleen the Victim were understated but clearly some thought went into their planning! Kirsten W, alas, had no costume, but she made up for it with several cheers from another life (footage from the hidden webcam will be available soon). Ata, also without costume, ate the entire night. Poor guy planted himself on the sofa in-between trips to the kitchen and observed the goings-on. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have I neglected so far to mention how good the food was? OHMYGOSH. Arturo and Maria outdid themselves. (BTW, those of you that were worried Fernando wouldn’t actually help? SURPRISE! But oh – maybe I’m not supposed to let the secret out? hehehe)
The miracle of the evening was that Kirsten I. and Tom actually showed up! WOWOWOW! How nice to see them, get hugs, and even chat for a few minutes! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m looking forward to another NCA evening out to rival our trip to the Funky Butt in New Orleans two years ago.
Camille and Iris were the only no-shows tonight (hope you’re both ok); Cata had already warned me how unlikely it was that he’d be able to make it. We’ll hope, at the very least, he aced his online test; otherwise his choice to work instead of play ought to plague his dreams.
Let’s see. Matt was the boy from New Jersey, if I got his costume right. He perked up after coffee and introduced me to Oasis while we were cleaning up. Now THAT’s a rock band! ๐Ÿ™‚ Most of the rest of the music was spun by Ata and Kirsten. They kept the party abuzz! Claudia kept trying to convince me she’s shy but then there she was out there dancing with me and Lucas. Now that is one cute kid! I only knocked him over once when he snuck up behind me while I was taking out the trash. {gasp!} He had a few crying bouts, but he’s teething, and lord knows if you’ve got owies in your mouth all the time it would only take a little bump here-n-there to get started! I think he likes to run on his own momentum. Once he starts something, why stop? Unless/until something else catches his attention. Like mommy playing hide and seek, or Matt doing the tango. ๐Ÿ™‚
There were requests for recipes, and we’ll just have to see. The chefs improvised along the way. Here’s what we had:
Green pipian with chicken, mole poblano chicken, poblano rice, mole poblano tofu, jicama salad, pico de gallo. If you arrived in time for the appetizers: homemade guacamole, shrimp tostadas, and flautitas. Dessert: vegan Mexican wedding cookies and cookies with walnuts & orange.
Next party is tentatively slated for the Winter Solstice. I’ll take recommendations on the best date – the actual solstice is (according to my non-pagan calendar) Monday, Dec 20. Sarbjeet and Co will prepare Indian food. No, I will not be wearing my Vulcan ears at that one!

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