CIT Bulletin Board!

Folks, this is such an awesome technology! Kellie, you deserve a medal for getting this all set up. I hope people get jazzed about it, because its potential to promote professional development and enhance the field is incredible. ­čÖé
Of course, I had to go to the practice session to figure out how the heck to Get In! The main trick is to Login (Member’s Login, 2nd link left-hand side), which takes you through the membership database. Select “Bulletin Board” and then register (yes, again). After one registers for the Bulletin Board, then you can login (yes, again!)

Kellie had a small but energetic audience. Possibly because people (like me) didn’t realize that lunch was provided separately in the presentation room. At any rate, Vic, Trudy, Cindy, Eva and a few others got our feet wet. I just completed my registration and posted my first message.
There are a few interesting conversations I’d like to join, and several suggestions as to “where” and “what else” people could discuss. Potential potential potential!

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