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Carolyn Ball ends her tenure as CIT President, replaced by Annette Miner at the business meeting this afternoon. I don’t know either one of them so I can’t say much, except that when Carolyn flexed her muscles during the Opening on Wednesday night…well, I stayed out of her way. 😉
Marian Yoder won the Mary Stotler Award, and the audience was disappointed she wasn’t here to receive the honor in person. 🙁

Many others were recognized for the contributions, and winners of all the raffles were announced. Kellie Clark stuffed the ballot boxes winning two sets of Carol Patrie’s jewelry and having her name drawn four times in a row! She disqualified herself after the 3rd consecutive “win” (but she hung on to that jewelry!) Eileen, I am so curious what you’re going to do with that Flip Flop Faces game?!
I missed Anna’s title (and last name), but she’s from Sweden and addressed us about her involvement with CIT over the years. She noted some cultural differences between Swedish and U.S. culture – how “very supportive” we tend to be and how much that meant to her. In Sweden, one apparently offers much in the way of overt verbal support or praise: “oh” is common, “good” is meaningful, and “very good” quite rare. She elicited a lot of laughter talking about her time in an interpreter training program in 1979, here at Gallaudet, under Betty Colonomos. (Most of us know Betty – and her reputation – fairly well.) So, it was amusing to hear someone admit to the intimidation factor, and explain that her strategy for dealing with an interview was to bring along a Swedish Deaf guy who happened also to be gay. “I think that was important at the time,” she said. 🙂 Then, “Why are you all laughing?” This is when we got the cultural lesson; she understand that our laughter was itself a form of support – the kind of acknowledgement/acceptance we give each other when we’re known, know we are, and know that it’s ok. 🙂
Mark Morales was fantastic. 🙂 There were a number of skits I really enjoyed, the UFO, the football story embedded in a staid interpretation, #TGIF #SHIT. His number story was interesting….I wondered if it had a bit of a double-edged barb to it? Number 11 was the sign “UNDERSTAND?” And I just have the sense there was a double-entendre there – one could take it positively at face value, or one could read a bit deeper and discover a Deaf criticism of a common interpreter behavior…..hmmmm!
Anyway, the FOOD at the Closing Banquet was terrific. Indeed, the food for the entire conference was outstanding. It was wonderfully relaxing to have food here, and not be running out for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and more snacks. And the break for dinner was quite long enough; one could actually pace and enjoy themselves, and easily get back in time for the evening events.
All in all, a terrific experience. (It seems there was some stress during the business meeting, but I wasn’t there…it’s just a lingering vibe. Maybe business meetings are always like that? Some of RID’s have been hot, no doubt. Probably shouldn’t be surprised that this could be the case here too. I did learn that they had a hard time getting a quorum….a rough beginning might have influenced the unfolding of the whole event).

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