being “surveilled”

Uh oh. Now there are expectations (fears? hopes? HA! Don’t I wish!) that I might blog about folk at any moment. 🙂 Sut’s jam for at the Media Education Foundation was cool. The Vote for Change finale concert was a blast, although the crowd was too mellow for my tastes. I thought there was potential for rowdiness when folks applauded the first few songs, but that was as much energy as we could collectively muster – no dancing. Wah!
Some good lines:
James Taylor was asked what he tells undecided voters. “Look at the two candidates very carefully, check ’em out. Then vote for the smart one.”
He also had one about that saying, “don’t switch horses in midstream”. “But if your horse doesn’t know how to swim and you’re in over your head….and you didn’t want to cross the stream in the first place….!”
The Dixie Chicks had a good one too – I dunno the lead singer’s name, but she said we needed to “get rid of mad cowboy disease.”
Some COM folk wandered in, around, and out. Some got pelted with grapes, others were not so fortunate. The flicks were both good, so I heard. I opted for music and inspiration tonight.

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