3 for 3

I think so. The earliest poll I saw last night (CNN?) gave the third debate 52% to 30-some% to Kerry. Stephen was maniacally flipping channels between the ball game, The Daily Show, and post-convention coverage so I don’t know what we were watching when. 🙂 The NYTimes this morning is playing it safe…balanced….although the most frequently emailed article so far is the OpEd piece Addicted to 9/11 by Thomas L. Friedman, which favors Kerry’s desire to context the war on terror as a passing historical event rather than Bush’s promotion of it as an irrevocable society-changing event.
This bit about the Sinclair forced broadcast of “Stolen Honor” (the Swift Boat Vets against Kerry) seems highly problematic though, in terms of people’s swayability…..not to mention voter fraud breaking out … I’ve neglected those links and in a rush now, but the media and technology are both being massively mobilized, eh? and in ever more sophisticated and coordinated ways.

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