weenie roast

It was a nice evening although it did cool off pretty quick, so we spent most of the time indoors (my red slippers on the deck as I grilled were a big hit).
Li came by with Leona for awhile, she hung in there in this strange environment with all these stranger English-speaking people for about an hour before becoming overwhelmed. Hunju wanted to blame me but I think Leona was just as upset by looking at Hunju. 😉
Ingrid was the first arrival, Sarbjeet the last. Raz, Andrea, and Cata hung out with me outside during the roasting, and Cata and Hunju had their very first roasted marshmallows in full s’more form ( I supbstituted Nestle Crunch mini-bars for the standard Hershey’s). Matt joined us for awhile.
All-in-all, a quiet, relaxed evening – so mellow I can’t even generate many jokes about it! The intense pace of the semester’s start takes its toll…? I did score a bunch of extra food and beverages; hosting isn’t such a bad deal! 🙂

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