vs Stanley Fish

I’ve been thinking about sharing the earlier post about the youth vote with my class, especially since Ben commented. Does sharing my passion that they ought to vote violate Fish‘s prescription not to my position as an educator to try and cultivate citizens? The fine line we were discussing about encouraging active and deep critical thinking without telling students WHAT to think is at issue here. If they look closely at my blog, they will be able to discern that I have a distinct preference as to WHO I wish they would vote for….

One thought on “vs Stanley Fish”

  1. I think that they shouldn’t have to look closely at your website to discern your preferences. I would be upfront with my students about my voting preferences (if that was part of the course) as well as help them find ways to make their own decisions on the matter. I would have discussions about the impossibility of objectivity and tell them that I’m telling them my preferences so that they can be aware of my prejudices, etc.
    I’m not sure what Fish has to say about the matter but I thought that a teacher’s goal was to give students the tools to be able to be critical citizens.

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