virgin experience

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in an all-signing environment; my eyes are rusty! We had a characteristically Deaf start at my first ever Interpreter Trainers convention, the keynote began only 50 minutes past the scheduled time. I, in my introvert fashion, found a seat to plant myself while most folks schmoozed. Anna R. knows how to work a crowd! I exchanged greetings with lots of people from Allies

One thought on “virgin experience”

  1. How great to read your impressions of the opening night at the CIT conference. I was hoping very much to be there because I remember the “early days” very clearly. Unfortunately, due to my husband’s illness, I am unable to be there. I look forward to reading more “blogs”!
    I was at your presentation in Chicago and enjoyed it very much and I also think we met at the Allies conferences in NH.
    Best of luck this weekend. I know you will enjoy it. Hope to see you next year in San Antonio.

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