“They’re bitchin’!”

Uh oh, these are getting shorter and shorter! Saw Sam for only half-an-hour today. I am zooming around preparing for a trip to a conference in DC.
One of the nurses, Mary Lung, fed Sam this morning. She usually does, but Sam explained his reason for telling me:

One thought on ““They’re bitchin’!””

  1. Ciao Sammy!
    Glad you liked the jokes! I sent an envelope specifiying that Mary Lung (your nurse w/ the vast vocabulary and a great sense of humor) was the only one to read the contents to you and that
    they were to be shared w/ Steph.
    It’s so cool to hear that Sam’s had over 1000 hits to the blog! That’s what Larry told me on the phone last Sunday. You go girl, you’ve done a great thing for Sam. Thanks so very much.
    Yup, headed to “sunny” Vermont for Thanksgiving. Mom & I determined that the $1000 it costs for airline tickets alone at Christmas just couldn’t be done this year. I got lucky and using the $200 voucher I got last Christmas for getting bumped on Delta, I only have to add $54 to get to Vermont and back!!! Can you friggin’ belive it?? Mom wants us to both come to visit Sam in the Spring, when the tickets are more reasonable and, according to Mom, “..it isn’t so freezing cold & it will be pretty and green.” So I’ll be travelin’ solo in Nov.
    Signing off for now, greetings to all, big hug to Sam. Love, Jennifer

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