The Wanderer

The Wanderer, by Sharon Creech, is a very quick read about a family discovering their love for each other.
Two passages grabbed me, one on time and the other on parenting:

” Out here [on the ocean], there isn’t day and night and then a new day. Instead, there are degrees of light and dark, merging and changing. It’s like on long stream of time unfolding in front of you, all around you. There isn’t really a yesterday or a day before, which is weird, because then whast is tomorrow? And what is last week or next year? And if there is no yesterday or last year – or ten years ago – then it must be all now, one huge big present thing.” (p. 53)
Another passage, much later, is an exchange between Uncle Stew and (niece) Sophie. “When Uncle Stew asked me about leg, he said, “It’s odd being a parent. You feel responsible for everything, and you’re so protective of your children and so worried about them that you can hardly think straight sometimes. But then sometimes you realize that you don’t have control over a lot of things and sometimes you just have to hope that everything will be ok.”
He glanced over at [his son] Brian, who was tacking up a list in the galley. “And sometimes,” Uncle Stew said, “you just have to let go and pray that the children will be ok on their own.” I [Sophie] could understand what he was saying, but I wondered if the same were true of children, that sometimes you can’t control things and sometimes you have to let go. Maybe you even have to let go of your parents.” (p. 234-5)

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